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Looking for something different to do this month? What could be more exciting than exploring new ideas and worlds with their creators? At the Hungerford Bookshop, we are believers in opening up book discussion and giving our customers access to the many brilliant authors out there. Take a look at some of the acclaimed writers we have hosted over the years. Our events are always held at one of the fantastic (and often historic) local venues in Hungerford and ticket prices often include money off the title being discussed and a glass (or two) of wine. See below for our latest events.

Book Signing with Anthony Lavisher


Lavisher event ticketalshopAnthony Lavisher - who grew up locally, but now lives in Wales - will be travelling back to Hungerford to sign copies of his third book in the 'Strom Trilogy'.

This historical fantasy series has gripped many readers, and this final installment sees a breathtaking conclusion of epic proportions.

Anthony will be signing copies of 'Vengeance of a Storm' between 11am-1pm on Saturday 9th September. Pop in and say hello!

This is a free event.


Declan Murphy & Ami Rao book talk for 'Centaur'

Declan Murphy & Ami Rao event ticket

The authors will be coming talking to Lis Allen about their Sunday Times bestseller 'Centaur'- the memoir from the jockey who came back from the dead.

centaurA natural on a horse since he was able to walk, and imbued with a pure love of riding, Declan Murphy became one of the most brilliant jockeys of his generation before his world came crashing down at the final hurdle of a race at Haydock Park. His skull shattered in twelve places, he was believed to be dead, the last rites were read and the Racing Post prepared his obituary.

Miraculously, and the word is not used lightly, he survived and defied medical thinking in recovering to the extent that eighteen months after his fall, he was able to saddle up for one more race. As usual, he won. For 23 years, Declan has been unable to tell his story, to bring to words existence on the frontier between life and death, to describe the incredible bond between man and horse.

But now, in an extraordinary collaboration with Ami Rao, she has helped him find those words, a way to piece together what happened before, during and after, what it all meant and what it means to us all. It is a story of triumph, fear, love and loss, by turns primal, heartbreaking and inspirational, and ultimately, it is the story of hope, and of life.

Tickets £6 (includes a glass of wine and £5 off the book)


James Hamilton book talk for 'Gainsborough: A Portrait'

JAMES HAMILTON event ticket

Gainsborough by James Hamilton jacket image-2Thomas Gainsborough (1727-1788) lived as if electricity shot through his sinews and crackled at his finger ends. He was a gentle and empathetic family man, but had a volatility that could lead him to slash his paintings, and a loose libidinous way of speaking, writing and behaving that shocked many deeply. He would be dynamite in polite society today.

In this exhilarating new biography - the first in decades - James Hamilton reveals Gainsborough in his many contexts: the easy-going Suffolk lad, transported to the heights of fashion by a natural talent; the rake-on-the-make in London, learning his art in the shadow of Hogarth; falling on his feet when he married a duke's daughter with a handsome private income; the top society-portrait painter in Bath and London who earned huge sums by bringing the right people into his studio; the charming and amusing friend of George III and Queen Charlotte who nevertheless kept clear of the aristocratic embrace.

There has been much art history written about this chameleon of art, but with fresh insights into original sources, 'Gainsborough: A Portrait' transforms our understanding of this fascinating man, and enlightens the century that bore him.

James Hamilton will be speaking as part of the Visual Arts Trail which runs 21 - 30 September.

Tickets £6 (includes a glass of wine and £5 off the book on the night)



Robert Harris talks about his new novel 'Munich'

ROBERT HARRIS event ticket

September 1938: Hitler is determined to start a war. Chamberlain is desperate to preserve the peace.

munichThe issue is to be decided in a city that will forever afterwards be notorious for what takes place there. Munich. As Chamberlain's plane judders over the Channel and the Fuhrer's train steams relentlessly south from Berlin, two young men travel with secrets of their own.

Hugh Legat is one of Chamberlain's private secretaries; Paul Hartmann a German diplomat and member of the anti-Hitler resistance. Great friends at Oxford before Hitler came to power, they haven't seen one another since they were last in Munich six years earlier. Now, as the future of Europe hangs in the balance, their paths are destined to cross again.

When the stakes are this high, who are you willing to betray? Your friends, your family, your country or your conscience?

We are delighted to welcome back the bestselling author of 'Fatherland', 'Conclave' and 'An Officer & a Spy' to talk about his latest novel.

Tickets £6 (includes a glass of wine and £5 off the book on the night)


This is a very special bookshop. Seriously diverse and fascinating authors come to talk about their books. All in all, it gives a new dimension to Hungerford and is one of the main reasons it would be hard to move to a new area!
Belinda Coote, Customer

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