March 10th: The Hiding Game with Naomi Wood

The Hiding Game is an intoxicating story of love and betrayal, set in the Bauhaus art school. Heady, gripping and unforgettable, Naomi Wood’s third novel explores the perils of secrecy in a changing and increasingly dangerous world. In Roaring Twenties Germany, Paul, Charlotte and Walter meet at the Bauhaus art school.

The trio form a close-knit group, in which passions and rivalries collide. But when Walter is betrayed, he makes a terrible mistake- a secret he will keep from Paul and Charlotte for as long as he can. As political tensions escalate and the Nazis gain power, Walter’s secret – hidden in notebooks, paintings and blueprints – ultimately threatens the very lives of his friends, with devastating consequences.

Shortlisted for The Historical Writers’ Association Gold Crown Award. Longlisted for The Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction. Naomi Wood is also the author of Mrs Hemingway and The Godless Boys.

We will discuss the book on Zoom, and then Naomi will join us so we can ask questions. She will also be giving a fascinating potted history of women at the Bauhaus art school, explaining what happened there and the interesting (often quite unusual) practices they encouraged of the students.

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