May 17th: Max Hastings book talk for Operation Pedestal

The gripping story of an epic battle at sea, from one of Britain’s most acclaimed historians of war. In August 1942, beleaguered Malta was within weeks of surrender to the Axis, because its 300,000 people could no longer be fed. Churchill made a personal decision that at all costs, the ‘island fortress’ must be saved.

Operation Pedestal describes catastrophic ship sinkings, including that of the aircraft-carrier Eagle, together with struggles to rescue survivors and salvage stricken ships. Most moving of all is the story of the tanker Ohio, indispensable to Malta’s survival, victim of countless Axis attacks. In the last days of the battle, the ravaged hulk was kept under way only by two destroyers, lashed to her sides.

Max Hastings describes this as one of the most extraordinary tales he has ever recounted. Join us on Zoom at 7:30pm on May 17th for a presentation that includes video from the Imperial War Museum, followed by the opportunity to ask Max questions live.

Tickets £25 (includes a signed copy of the book – get in touch if you would like a dedicated copy). Access only £5

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