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Looking for something different to do this month? What could be more exciting than exploring new ideas and worlds with their creators? At the Hungerford Bookshop, we are believers in opening up book discussion and giving our customers access to the many brilliant authors out there. Take a look at some of the acclaimed writers we have hosted over the years. Our events are always held at one of the fantastic (and often historic) local venues in Hungerford and ticket prices often include money off the title being discussed and a glass (or two) of wine. See below for our latest events.

April 24th: Churchill's Abandoned Prisoners: The British Soldiers Deceived in The Russian Civil War - Rupert Wieloch

Churchill's Secret Prisoners tells the previously suppressed story of fifteen British prisoners captured during the Russian civil war. The book explains how the bitter fighting ebbed and flowed along the Trans-Siberian Railway for eighteen months, until Trotsky's Red Army prevailed. It includes the exploits of the only two British battalions to serve in the East, the "Diehards" and "Tigers". An important chapter describes the fractious relationships between the Allies, together with the unenviable dilemmas faced by the commander of the American Expeditionary Force and the humanitarian work of the Red Cross.

The focus turns to the deeds of Emmerson and the other soldiers in the select British group, who are ordered to "remain to the last" and organise the evacuation of refugees from Omsk in November 1919.

The events described in this book are not only a stirring tale of courage and adventure but also only lift the lid on an episode that did much to sow distrust and precipitate events in World War Two and today.

Tickets £7 (allowing £5 off the book on the night).  Hungerford Hub. 7:30pm.

Tickets from Hungerford Bookshop (01488 683480) or on-line at ArtsForHungerford.com

May 9: The Doll Factory - Elizabeth MacNeal talks to Emma About her New Novel

The Doll Factory by Elizabeth Macneal is the intoxicating story of a young woman who aspires to be an artist, and the man whose obsession may destroy her world for ever. London.

1850. The Great Exhibition is being erected in Hyde Park and among the crowd watching the spectacle two people meet. For Iris, an aspiring artist, it is the encounter of a moment - forgotten seconds later, but for Silas, a collector entranced by the strange and beautiful, that meeting marks a new beginning.

When Iris is asked to model for pre-Raphaelite artist Louis Frost, she agrees on the condition that he will also teach her to paint. Suddenly her world begins to expand, to become a place of art and love. But Silas has only thought of one thing since their meeting, and his obsession is darkening .

The author will be talking to Emma from The Hungerford Bookshop about her novel before taking questions and signing her book.

Tickets are £6 from the bookshop and include a glass of wine, and money off the book (making it £10 rather than £12.99). Tickets available on-line here

May 14th: The Savernake Novels - Susanna M Newstead

The author of the Savernake Novels (5 in total) will be talking about her writing and the inspiration behind her books which are set at the end of the twelfth century, locally in the forest of Savernake.

Book one, Belvoir’s Promise introduces us to the forest, to Marlborough, the small town close by and to the royal castle which dominates the western end of the town. We follow Aumary through the years as he matures and stamps his authority on Savernake; as he struggles with adversity, helplessness and loss and the grief of losing those he loves – losing those closest to him….to murder.

Anyone interested in medieval history, or who loves historical fiction should join us. The author will be in costume and there are rumours we might enjoy a song from the period.

Part of our CRIME SEASON. Buy a CRIME SPREE TICKET for all 4 talks - and save£4!

Tickets £6 from Hungerford Bookshop, or on-line at ArtsForHungerford.com

May 22nd: Marwood & Lovett Restoration Series - Andrew Taylor

Winner of the CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger (for lifelong excellence in the genre) and the triple winner of the Historical Dagger, Andrew Taylor has published over 45 books.

They include the international bestseller, The American Boy (a Richard and Judy selection); the Roth Trilogy (filmed for TV as Fallen Angel); the Lydmouth detective series set in the 1950s; and The Anatomy of Ghosts, shortlisted for the Theakston's Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year.

His most recent books are the Marwood and Lovett Restoration series. The Ashes of London was a Times/Waterstones number one bestseller. The sequel, The Fire Court, will be published in paperback in February, and the third in the series, The King's Evil (a royal scandal set in 1667) is forthcoming this April.

Andrew will be talking about his books before taking questions and signing copies. Don't miss the opportunity to hear this celebrated writer.

Part of our CRIME SEASON. Buy a CRIME SPREE TICKET for all 4 events - and save £4!

Tickets £7 from Hungerford Bookshop, or on-line at ArtsForHungerford.com

June 4th: Dreyer's English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style - Benjamin Dreyer

As Random House's copy chief, Dreyer has upheld the standards of the legendary publisher for more than two decades. He is beloved by authors and editors alike - not to mention his followers on social media - for playfully, brilliantly deconstructing the English language. Dreyer's English is the distillation of everything he has learned from copy-editing thousands of books, the perfect guide not just for writers but for everyone who wants to put their best prose foot forward.

Both authoritative and amusing, Dreyer's English offers lessons on punctuation, from the underloved semicolon to the enigmatic en-dash; the rules and nonrules of grammar, including why it's OK to begin a sentence with 'And' or 'But' and to confidently split an infinitive; and why it's best to avoid the doldrums of the Wan Intensifiers and Throat Clearers, including 'very', 'rather', 'of course', and the dreaded 'actually'. And yes: 'Only godless savages eschew the Oxford comma'. Stuffed with advice, insider wisdom, and fun facts, this book will prove to be invaluable to everyone who wants to shore up their writing skills, mandatory for people who spend their time editing and shaping other people's prose, and - perhaps best of all - an utter treat for anyone who simply revels in language.

The author will be visiting the UK for one week in June and we are delighted to be one of the few bookshops he will be visiting. Benjamin Dreyer will be interviewed by novelist Rachel Joyce before taking questions and signing his book.

Tickets are £7 from the bookshop and include a glass of wine.


June 14th: Unbreakable: The Woman Who Defied the Nazis in the World’s Most Dangerous Horse Race – Richard Askwith

The story of Lata Brandisova is one of the strangest and most inspiring in all sport. Born into privilege, she spent much of her life in poverty. Modest and shy, she refused to accept the constraints society placed on her because of her gender. Instead, with quiet courage, she repeatedly achieved what others said was impossible. The scandal of her first attempt to ride in Pardubice reverberated across Europe. Ten years later, she became her nation's figurehead in its darkest hour. Then came retribution...

Unbreakable is a tale of courage, heartbreak and defiance, in an age of prejudice and fear. In the background are forces - sexism, class hatred, nationalism - whose shadows darken today's world too. In the foreground are eccentric aristocrats, socialite spies, daredevil jockeys - and a race so brutal that some consider merely taking part in it a sign of insanity. At its heart is a unique hero, and a unique love affair between a woman and a horse.

Tickets £7 (allows you to buy the book for £15 on the night). 7:30, Croft Hall.

Tickets from Hungerford Bookshop (01488 683480) or on-line at ArtsForHungerford.com

This is a very special bookshop. Seriously diverse and fascinating authors come to talk about their books. All in all, it gives a new dimension to Hungerford and is one of the main reasons it would be hard to move to a new area!
Belinda Coote, Customer

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