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Looking for something different to do this month? What could be more exciting than exploring new ideas and worlds with their creators? At the Hungerford Bookshop, we are believers in opening up book discussion and giving our customers access to the many brilliant authors out there. Take a look at some of the acclaimed writers we have hosted over the years. Our events are always held at one of the fantastic (and often historic) local venues in Hungerford and ticket prices often include money off the title being discussed and a glass (or two) of wine. See below for our latest events.

Jan 28th: Desmond Seward on The King Over the Water: A Complete History of the Jacobites

Based on the latest research, The King over the Water by renowned historian Desmond Seward (who lives in Hungerford) weaves together all the strands of this gripping saga into a vivid, sweeping narrative, full of insight, analysis and anecdote.

"Desmond Seward, educated at Ampleforth and Cambridge, has been labelled a “popular historian”. This designation is sometimes construed as a slight. It should not be in the case of Seward who has already written a provocative comparative biography of Napoleon and Hitler and, amongst others, a sweeping, powerful chronicle of the Tudors.

The King over the Water, though, is his best work because it plays to his gifts of being largely persuasive and consistently employing a briskness in pace, a clarity of style and a genius for capturing the character of those long dead, long-forgotten and, perhaps, never remembered." - The Herald

Desmond Seward will be talking at Hungerford Hub (Library) at 7:30pm on Tuesday Januray 28th. Tickets are £7 and include a glass of wine and £5 off the book on the night. Book online.

Feb 11th: Miss Austen: Gill Hornby in conversation with Helena Kelly

Miss Austen - the new novel from Gill Hornby - delves into why Cassandra burned a treasure trove of letters written by her sister, Jane Austen - an act of destruction that has troubled academics for centuries. 1840: twenty three years after the death of her famous sister Jane, Cassandra Austen returns to the village of Kintbury, and the home of her family's friends, the Fowles.

She knows that, in some dusty corner of the sprawling vicarage, there is a cache of family letters which hold secrets she is desperate should not be revealed. As Cassandra recalls her youth and her relationship with her brilliant yet complex sister, she pieces together buried truths about Jane's history, and her own. And she faces a stark choice: should she act to protect Jane's reputation? Or leave the contents of the letters to go unguarded into posterity ...

Based on a literary mystery that has long puzzled biographers and academics, Miss Austen is a wonderfully original and emotionally complex novel about the loves and lives of Cassandra and Jane Austen.

Gill Hornby, who lives in Kintbury, will be talking to Helena Kelly (author of Jane Austen the Secret Radical) in Hungerford Town Hall. Pre-order the book (for £10) along with your ticket (£8) and receive a free copy of My Beautifull Cassandra by Jane Austen. Bring along your book to the event to get it signed. Your ticket includes a glass of wine on the evening.


Feb 22nd: BookYak Night

Book Yak Night

Chat about books to friends and meet new people.

We love chatting about books, and in fact one of the best parts of our job is when a customer suggests a book to us. It’s also wonderful when you pop back in to tell us how you have found one of our book recommendations. That’s the great thing about books – they start conversation.

Join us for a friendly and informal evening in the bookshop where we can all get together to chat about what we have read over Christmas.

We'll have cheese and wine too. Do bring a book or two in with you so you can show others.

Tickets are £3

March 4th: Losing Eden: Why Our Minds Need the Wild by Lucy Evans

Losing Eden: Why Our Minds Need the Wild

Today many of us live indoor lives, disconnected from the natural world as never before. And yet nature remains deeply ingrained in our language, culture and consciousness. For centuries, we have acted on an intuitive sense that we need communion with the wild to feel well.

Now, in the moment of our great migration away from the rest of nature, more and more scientific evidence is emerging to confirm its place at the heart of our psychological wellbeing. So what happens, asks acclaimed journalist Lucy Jones, as we lose our bond with the natural world-might we also be losing part of ourselves?

Delicately observed and rigorously researched, Losing Eden is an enthralling journey through this new research, exploring how and why connecting with the living world can so drastically affect our health. Travelling from forest schools in East London to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault via primeval woodlands, Californian laboratories and ecotherapists' couches, Jones takes us to the cutting edge of human biology, neuroscience and psychology, and discovers new ways of understanding our increasingly dysfunctional relationship with the earth.

Urgent and uplifting, Losing Eden is a rallying cry for a wilder way of life - for finding asylum in the soil and joy in the trees - which might just help us to save the living planet, as well as ourselves.

'Beautifully written, movingly told and meticulously researched ... a convincing plea for a wilder, richer world' Isabella Tree, author of Wilding'By the time I'd read the first chapter, I'd resolved to take my son into the woods every afternoon over winter. By the time I'd read the sixth, I was wanting to break prisoners out of cells and onto the mossy moors.

Losing Eden rigorously and convincingly tells of the value of the natural universe to our human hearts' Amy Liptrot, author of The Outrun.

Tickets £8 (includes a glass of wine and £5 off the book). 7:30 Hungerford (venue tbc)

March 8th: Little Book Jamboree

Little Book Jamboree - Sunday March 8th

To celebrate World Book Day earlier in the week we are holding a day of events and activities for children so pop March 8th in your diaries.

We'll have a book hunt throughout the town, a children's book swap (a great opportunity to refresh their book shelves for free), activities in the library/hub and authors reading from their books including local writer Debi Evan's who's fifth book in the 'Secret Adventures of Rolo' is just out.

We are encouraging children to wear their World Book Day costumes (because once is never enough for dressing up) and they will of course be able to swap their WBD vouchers for the special £1 books.

There's lots more planned so keep your eyes peeled or email kids@hungerfordbookshop.co.uk to be kept up to date.

*you'll get our general ones too

This is a very special bookshop. Seriously diverse and fascinating authors come to talk about their books. All in all, it gives a new dimension to Hungerford and is one of the main reasons it would be hard to move to a new area!
Belinda Coote, Customer

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