Our Team

We know that it is just as enjoyable to talk about books as to read them. The Hungerford Bookshop team love nothing more than a good chinwag about what you’ve been reading, what we’ve been reading and what we should all be reading!

We have always been thrilled with the whole shopping experience at ‘The Hungerford Book Shop’. I have used the shop for many years now – we are always greeted with a ‘can do’ attitude and it just feels great to support an independent business.
Dorothea Fleming, Customer


I am joint owner of the bookshop. Often to be found chasing publicists (via email, not around the shop) regarding author events, or looking slightly stressed about the literary festival. My favourite moments are the swapping of book recommendations, coffee in hand, during ‘Book for All Seasons’ consultations. I have a nerd’s delight in cross-merchandising … Read More


I am the other joint owner of the bookshop! I have been a bookseller, of one sort or another, for 22 years (half of my life!). I deal with exciting things like accounts and paperwork, plus the buying and selling of 2nd hand books, which I had to learn about rather quickly once we bought … Read More


I am described by some as part of the fixtures and fitting! You will find me working here during the week and some Saturdays.  I have been selling books for over 30 years and my enthusiasm has not palled – I seem to learn something new every day! My taste in reading is eclectic – … Read More


You’ll find me in the bookshop on Sundays and sometimes behind our newsletter or website. I can’t imagine a world without books as I have always had my nose in one! Personally fiction is my bag, especially a good thriller, mystery or romance. These days I don’t get as many opportunities to spend a blissful … Read More


I work at the bookshop on weekends and at events such as book fairs and author talks. I also concentrate on developing relationships with local schools.  I have never forgotten the sheer delight in reading under the covers by torchlight at a very young age. The bookshop is my guilty secret pleasure: a perfect escapism from my two adorable (and lively) … Read More


I am mainly a Saturday bookseller, however I do fill in at other times and I do enjoy the events. I love coming to work and seeing all the new books that have arrived. Throughout the day we have lovely mixture of customers, some local familiar faces and others visitors to the town, always interesting … Read More

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