April 25th: Last of the Raj Memsahibs – book signing with Francis Gradidge

Last of the Raj Memsahibs 1929 to 1945:

Memoirs of a Cavalry Officer’s Wife by Lorraine Gradidge

~ Friday April 25th 6 – 7.30 ~

“A fascinating autobiography of a woman of great courage facing danger, disease, loneliness and nostalgia for home. Lorraine Gradidge tells her story with unwavering honesty.” Sir Mark Tully K.B.E.

Join Lorraine Gradidge’s son, Francis, for a book signing and glass of wine at The Hungerford Bookshop to celebrate the publication of his mother’s memoir.

“As I write this in Lymington in 1978, the widow of an Indian Cavalry Officer I am a member of a dying breed. The last of the English “Memsahibs” left India over thirty years ago, at the time of the partition, where a large number of them had spent the best years of their lives, between the ages of twenty and forty.  Mine is only a very personal story, but I feel that the wives of these men who lived in a sense with their husbands permanent;y on active service, deserve a little of theor husbands’ reflected glory”

Lorraine Gradidge.

This is a free event but we’d appreciate it if you could RSVP by phone or email

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