April 9th: Death in Peking: Who Killed Pamela Werner – Graeme Sheppard

The brutal murder of the young and beautiful Pamela Werner in the city of Peking one night in January 1937 shocked the world, but the police never found or named the murderer. A best-selling book, Midnight in Peking, declared the murderer to be an American dentist, but English policeman Graeme Sheppard, 30 years with Scotland Yard, decided that conclusion was flawed, spent years investigating all aspects of the case and came up with an entirely different conclusion.

Instead of focussing on the expat debauchery that had entranced the author of Death in Peking, Sheppard metho­dic­ally shines his policeman’s torch on the diverse company of characters whose lives intersected with that of Pamela, teasingly dissecting their often bizarre backstories, flaws and idiosyncrasies, and possible motivations for violence.

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