Conn Iggulden: This Sunday

Conn Iggulden: ‘Stormbird’ The exciting first book in the ‘Wars of the Roses’ series

 Sunday 20th at 7.30pm (as part of Hungerford Literary Festival)

Tickets £7 (call 01488 683480)

Conn Iggulden will tell us about the gripping story of the English civil war in his new War of The Roses series. Henry V is long dead and the pious and gentle Henry VI comes of age and accedes to the English throne. As storm clouds gather over England, King Henry and his supporters find themselves besieged abroad and at home. Who, or what, can save the kingdom before it is too late? The Wars of the Roses series will be a benchmark for historical fiction, showcasing Conn Iggulden at his finest.


Conn Iggulden is the author of the best-selling Emperor and Conqueror historical fiction series and also the co-author (with his brother Hal), of 2006′s British Book of The Year, The Dangerous Book for Boys. Born in London, Conn Iggulden read English at London University and worked as a teacher for seven years before becoming a full time writer. He is married and lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and children.

This will be a fascinating event for all who appreciate well written, well researched and intelligent historical fiction.