DEAR LUPIN: Talk & Signing with Charlie Mortimer June 26th

Charlie Mortimer talks about his hit book




7pm at The Croft Hall, Hungerford

dear lupin

Charlie Mortimer will be talking about his hit book, Dear Lupin (and also his sister’s newly published book, Dear Lumpy). Nostalgic, witty and filled with characters and situations that people of all ages will recognise, Dear Lupin is the entire correspondence of a Father to his only son, spanning nearly 25 years. Roger Mortimer’s sometimes hilarious, sometimes touching, always generous letters to his son are packed with anecdotes and sharp observations, with a unique analogy for each and every scrape Charlie Mortimer got himself into. The trials and tribulations of his youth and early adulthood are received by his father with humour, understanding and a touch of resignation, making them the perfect reminder of when letters were common, but always special.

A racing journalist himself,living in West Berkshire, Roger Mortimer wrote for a living, yet still wrote more than 150 letters to his son as he left school, and lived in places such as South America, Africa, Weston-super-Mare and eventually London. These letters form a memoir of their relationship, and an affectionate portrait of a time gone by.

Charlie will be talking about his book, answering questions from the audience and signing copies.

Tickets 5 from The Hungerford Bookshop

Call 01488 683480