Feb 15th: Paris at War. A Talk + Book Signing with David Drake.

Monday February 15th

Paris at War 1939 – 1944

David Drake

7:30 The Town Hall (Magistrate’s Room)


In Paris at War David Drake chronicles the lives of ordinary Parisians during WWII, drawing on diaries and reminiscences of people who endured these years. From his account emerge the broad rhythms and shifting moods of the city and the contingent lives of resisters, collaborators, occupiers, and victims who, unlike us, could not know how the story would end.

“David Drake’s Paris at War is perhaps the best attempt, of a great many, to convey how daily life felt under Nazi occupation. A vast range of sources have gone into creating a portrait of grim times that is full of nuance and free, mercifully, of assertion.” Glasgow Herald
“By incorporating excerpts from diaries and letters that until now had not been translated into English, Drake adds fresh perspective to events — Verdun hero Philippe Pétain’s willingness to lead the collaborationist Vichy government, Charles de Gaulle’s Free French resistance — that have been documented many times before… The message of this powerful book is that most Parisians were neither heroes nor collaborationists but ordinary people trying to survive.” Minneapolis Star Tribune
“Built up on a deep engagement with the practical problems of living in Paris, as well as an elegant account of how Nazi authorities squabbled over its management, Drake’s book is hugely readable and satisfyingly detailed.” Times Literary Supplement

The author will be giving a talk before taking questions from the audience and signing his book which will be £20 on the night (RRP £25).

Tickets £7 (includes a glass of wine)

Telephone 01488 683480 to book or pop in