Hannah Rothschild: ‘The Baroness’ Talk & Signing June 20th!

Hannah Rothschild talks about her rebellious Great Aunt Nica on June Wednesday June 20th at The Bear Hotel in Hungerford, 7pm

Filmmaker Hannah Rothschild has traced the history of ‘Nica’ her rebellious Great Aunt to tell a fascinating story that is part musical odyssey, part dazzling love story.

Click  to see a trailer for the book: http://youtu.be/fPJkIsOobGU

Rothschild by birth and a Baroness by marriage, beautiful, spirited Pannonica seemed to have it all, but in the early 1950s she heard a piece by the jazz legend Thelonious Monk and she abandoned her marriage to go and find him.

‘The Baroness’ traces Nica’s extraordinary, thrilling journey – from England’s stately homes to the battlefields of Africa, passing under the shadow of the Holocaust, and finally to the creative ferment of the New York jazz scene.

June 20th at 7pm The Bear Hotel (Riverside Suite). Tickets £5 (redeemable against book on the night)