May 25th: ‘M’ Maxwell Knight: MI5’s Greatest Spymaster. A book talk with Henry Hemming

HENRY HEMMING event ticket(1)To celebrate the release of Henry Hemming’s latest book ‘M’ Maxwell Knight: MI5’s Greatest Spymaster’, the author will be giving a talk about two remarkable female spies and the man who ran them: an animal-loving drop-out who went on to become MI5’s greatest spymaster.

This is the dramatic true story of a maverick MI5 officer who recruited two women in the 1930s to penetrate the British Communist movement. Their skillful, deft work led to the exposure of a Soviet spy-ring in the Woolwich Arsenal, a famous court case and one of them being hailed in America as ‘Britain’s counter-espionage heroine’.

maxwellknightThe author will focus on a single thrilling episode. In the course of the talk the audience will:

  • Get to know MI5’s Maxwell Knight, better known as ‘M’ – a complex, conflicted
    character and an inspiration for the James Bond ‘M’ as well as John Le Carré’s Jack
    Brotherhood in A Perfect Spy.
  • Learn about M’s remarkable agent Olga Gray, a typist with a troubled past and the
    extraordinary ability to cope with the pressure of leading a double life.
  • Find out the name of M’s second female agent, ‘M/2’, which has never been revealed by MI5. After years of detective work Henry has been able to discover who she really was.
  • Finally, the audience will get a taste of what it was like to work for M through several games involving them. These are designed to find out how observant everyone in the audience really is and how many of them can lie, as they say in the navy, like a hairy egg.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear this entertaining speaker reveal the truth about this legendary, and most unusual. spymaster.

Tickets £6 (includes £5 off the book on the night, plus a free glass of wine). Buy in the shop or on-line at Arts for Hungerford.