Jeff Evans: Saturday 22nd October, 4.00pm-6.00pm

Saturday 22nd October, 4.00pm – 6.00pm

The Croft Hall

Tickets £10

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Jeff Evans is the editor of CAMRA’s best-selling ‘Good Beer Guide’, piloting the ‘beer lover’s bible’ through eight successive and successful editions. He has subsequently written eight editions of the ‘Good Bottled Beer Guide’ for CAMRA Books, as well as ‘The Book of Beer Knowledge’, ‘A Beer a Day’ and ‘So You Want to Be a Beer Expert?’

Let Jeff guide you through six different and mostly local bottled beers. He’ll begin with a general introduction to beer and how it is made, because only by understanding the ingredients and the processes involved can one begin to appreciate where the colours, aromas and flavours of a beer actually come from. He’ll then talk about how to taste beer and go on to explore each of the six beers in turn, describing the style, how they are made and from which brewery.

Tickets are £10 which includes beer samples. Bottled beer and books will also be available to buy at the event. The bottles of beer are supplied by The Naked Grape in Hungerford.