Laurence Shorter: Saturday 22nd October, 2.00pm-3:30pm

Saturday 22nd October, 2.00pm-3:30pm

The Croft Hall

Tickets £6

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Are you stressed out, feel like you’re in a creative rut, or are having trouble taming your inner control freak? You need to come and listen to ‘The Lazy Guru’!

The concept of being lazy goes back thousands of years. It’s what the Chinese sages call Wu Wei or “no trying,” a natural way of being–a flow state–where the body is relaxed and attention is focused. So if your world seems like it’s spinning too fast and can’t be stopped, the Lazy Guru is here to show you how anyone can be effortlessly creative and return themselves to flow without years of meditation or therapy. Embrace your inner Lazy Guru and release the stress and anxiety of the modern world.

Laurence Shorter is an author, speaker, comedian and entrepreneur with twenty years experience of working with leaders in organisations and the creative industries. His first book, ‘The Optimist’, was translated into seven languages.

The Lazy Guru’s Guide to Life, is the world’s first illustrated guide to mindfulness. Laurence remains the only venture capital investor, management consultant and MBA to have performed a live comedy dance at the Edinburgh Festival as part of his own one-man show.

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